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Title Instructions before ordering
Posted by DETERMINED (ip:)
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  • Date 2022-05-24
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Questions that customers often ask.

1. How long does it take for the purchased product to be delivered?

Sharp Apparel operates in a custom-made and sold manner with 36 fits and various designs suitable for waist, thigh, and height.

As a result, it takes about 10 to 15 days (excluding weekends and holidays) as of the start of work after ordering. Please understand that it may take more than 20 days if it is sent sequentially depending on the production status.

While the product is being manufactured after ordering, we are having a lot of difficulties due to the simple cancellation of the customer's change of mind. For this reason, we inform you that customized size products and imprinted products cannot be canceled after ordering!

Overseas shipping is non-refundable due to change of mind.

2. What's the difference between Black Camo and Black Camo type B?

The lightest part of the Black Camo changes to white.

3. How do you print the font?

Japanese font

English font 

Chinese font

Korean font 

4. How do you wash it?

Hand wash.

About 30 degrees neutral detergent.

It is recommended to hand-wash with cold water using neutral detergent.

It is recommended to wash using a laundry net when using the washing machine.

When drying, it is recommended to hang it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

When using a washing dry machine, shrinkage and deformation may occur.

5. What is the shrinkage rate after washing?

Due to the nature of the fabric, it does not decrease after washing.

The stretch can increase very slightly to around 2%, but there is no increase beyond that.

6. I think the size is small! Is it right to fit my body?

I recommend a rather tight fit for customer size counseling.

If you wear the tights of the Sharp Apparel for the first time, it may feel tight at first, but after wearing it,

 it naturally sticks to your body to help with various movements.

It has a compression effect that holds your muscles, so you can prevent injuries during exercise and maintain your best condition during sports activities to create a more stylish fit.

7. Recommended sizes for each customer

Sharp Apparel tights use highly elastic fabrics, so size selection may vary depending on preference.

Please refer to the size table and choose according to your preferred style.

If you want to wear it comfortably > One size bigger!

If you choose, you can wear it according to your style.

 ex) Sharp Apparel Purchase Customer's Body Size and Wear Size

Red color is size blue color is height

8. Do you wear underwear when you wear tights?

Depending on the style of the wearer, you may or may not wear underwear. It is a product that is not see-through and minimizes embarrassment by double-treating male manners. By this merit, it’s certain that we're the best in existing sports tights.

9. How can I print the logo?

If you send the ai file to the e-mail ( for the center logo or team logo print, not the wording & initials, you can engrave the logo where you want it. Only vector files, not jpg files, can be imprinted in the ai file, and if imprinting is impossible, we will try to communicate and help you.

10. Exchange products.

Overseas shipping is non-refundable due to change of mind.

11. Differences depending on the actual size measurement.

There may be a 1-2cm difference depending on the size measurement method. Since the whole product is done manually, it is a natural part that can vary depending on the working environment, and this is not a reason for exchange or refund.

In addition, since the printing method produced by the sublimation transfer method uses a live-action output device, there may be a difference with the monitor color, and there may be a slight difference in color depending on the output time and production time.

12. Watch out for lint peeling (fluff) phenomenon.

Due to the nature of the fabric's tissue, some products of Sharp Apparel may cause lint tearing or peeling due to friction or sharp objects, so be careful when wearing them.

13. Purchase restrictions based on customer understanding.

Some customers who request cancellation, post-production exchange, and refund of customized products for each customer may be restricted from purchasing without notice as they do not understand the characteristics of custom product production.

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